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Giving Tuesday 2022

Trauma Recovery Resiliency

This holiday season, together with my longtime friend/artist Robert Reinhardt, and we are each donating an artwork to benefit the work of  TRAUMA AND RESILIENCY RESOURCES.

TRR is an organization dedicated to the recovery of trauma for military veterans and first responders. We are happy to support this effort for those who have served.

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The story of TRR

Trauma and Resiliency Resources, Inc. (TRR) assists military veterans and first responders challenged by service-related and line-of-duty traumatic experiences. We do this by connecting them with trauma-related resources, including therapists with advanced training in this area. TRR’s Warrior Camp® program, specifically for active military and combat Veterans of all eras, is designed to heal the trauma of war and Military Moral Injury©, prevent suicide, enhance resilience and support force preservation.


  • Multi-faceted trauma intervention and on-going support services to individuals who have experienced severe stress or trauma as a result of line of duty responsibilities, including, but not limited to: uniformed and non-uniformed workers who responded to the World Trade Center attacks, military service personnel returning from duty, uniformed workers responding to emergencies in the routine execution of their job responsibilities, and the families of all of the above;

  • Outreach, information and resources to impacted individuals and their families;

  • Information and guidance to clinicians working with these individuals;

  • Referrals to follow-up services when necessary. TRR is dedicated to assisting traumatized individuals connect with trauma-related resources, including therapists with advanced training in this area.

Artworks - donation benefit TRR

Our Clients

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