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6x6  oil on cradled panel, natural wood floater frame


GI Jive was a very popular 15-minute radio program transmitted by the Armed Forces Radio Service for entertainment of soldiers in World War II.  


"GI JIVE"  was  a collection of record requests, some cheerful banter from GI Jill, and occasional interviews with celebrities such as Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Dinah Shore. It was the personality of Jill that made the program.   To the GI she was the girl back home, and she had a nice homey touch.


In the 1940's, GIs, sailors, and flyers enlisted to fight for our country, they were sent to major ports for a temporary stay before departure. These service men & women headed straight for the USO dance halls since dancing was by far the major form of recreation. As the 40s began, many GIs from all parts of the country now saw the Jive/Lindy/Jitterbug for the first time. Once they saw it however, they didn't waste any time learning how since dancing was the quickest way to break the ice in an age when time was very precious.  

shown at Gingko Arts during month of DEC
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GI Jive

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