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Chester County Studio Tour
STUDIO 9 and 10
Coleman's Artist Studios    
142 Quick St. Phoenixville, PA

Maryanne Buschini, Ann Guidera-Matey, Zachary Smith
3 Artists of Studio 9 and 10 - Painting, pastels, mixed media,
at Coleman's Artist Buidling at 142 Quick St. Phoenixville PA





come see us 
preview Fri May 17   4-8pm
Sat  May 18 10am - 6pm Sun May 15  11am - 5pm

Maryanne Buschini 3.jpeg

Maryanne Buschini

Maryanne is a contemporary figurative painter in the Philadelphia area.. She explores the vulnerability that is part of being human. Using found photos as starting reference, her paintings’ subject matter and narrative concerns human emotional responses - those underlying feelings that expose themselves – whether we want them to or not.

Her body of work investigates relationships, origins, ancestors, history and community.  Viewers often connect with familiar relationships and emotions in these paintings.

Maryanne born in White Plains NY,  followed her interest in storytelling and figurative art through her lifetime. Her art studies include a BFA from Kansas State University, MATVA from University of the Arts, continuing studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Barnes Foundation and art workshops in US, Ireland.   She continued a painting practice while pursuing other art areas - teaching, graphic design, as well as time for raising her children.  She lives with her husband, in Malvern PA, family includes 2 adult sons and their families.


She maintains her painting studio in Phoenixville PA. Her artwork has been featured in solo exhibitions at Main Line Unitarian Church, Abington Art Center Solo Series, Media Arts Council, Harrison (NY) Public Library and Teresa Haag Gallery;  selected for residency at Bethany Art Community in NY;  juried shows, including Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Art of the State - Pennsylvania Museum Harrisburg, Woodmere Museum, Plastic Club of Philadelphia, Southeastern Appalachia Museum of Art Biennal at Bedford, Upstream Gallery (NY).   Her work is featured at galleries, open studios and select art fairs, and included in collections in the US and Europe.


Ann Guidera Matey

Finding Balance in my life has always been a challenge — Work vs. play, time for others vs. time for myself. How do I maintain my equilibrium as people come and go in my life, and my relationships change? How do I balance acceptance with defiance as I age?

I find balance in Nature. Its design is pure harmony. When I am outside, I am totally in the moment and able to leave the rest of the world behind. When I return, I am refreshed and able to be truly present for the people and responsibilities in my life. My landscapes recapture the feeling of harmony I have when I stand still for a sunset or walk past a field of wildflowers. Glowing light, vivid colors and textures invite you into moments in nature where you can pause take a deep breath and savor the moment.

Pastel is my primary medium and I love its immediacy and vibrant colors. My pastels are applied to a panel under painted with warm orange, peach and purple acrylics which allow the paintings to glow. The acrylic underpainting is then coated with a pumice mixture to provide rich textures for the pastels.

I have been working with pastels for approximately 35 years. Favorite places of inspiration include the Eastern Shore of Maryland, the New Jersey Shore, the Brandywine River Valley, Hudson, New York and Maine or anyplace that can be seen from my kayak or while hiking. 

I have raised three amazing humans, am nuts about two grandchildren and maintain good relationships with all my many siblings. My husband of 40 years is still my best friend. Family has always been my priority. I have a studio at Aston Mills Arts in Aston PA where I paint to recapture the balance and harmony I find in nature.

 My studio at Aston Mills Arts is open by appointment throughout the year.


Zachary Smith

Zachary Smith has been an artist ever since he can remember. Originally from Baltimore Maryland, spending most of his childhood in southern Pennsylvania. It was hard to find him at any point without a pencil or spray can in hand. Influenced by the graffiti and skateboarding scene growing up, he was quickly drawn to the beauty that tattoos were as a permanent form of art.


He told his parents at 13 he wanted to be a tattoo artist and 6 years later he made that a reality. Right after graduating high school he started his journey in learning how to tattoo in Albany New York and soon after Hua Hin Thailand.


Returning home he Opened his first studio “Profet Ink” in Glen Rock Pa in the winter of 2015. After a total of almost 6 years open in Glen Rock Zach and his wife Arianna were looking for a change and decided to move to Chester county Pennsylvania. Accepting a Job at White oak tattoo company in West Chester, PA. He spent the next three years working for Gia Rose and Angus Davidson and then the now owners Matt and Heather Beirne.


Ready to embark on his next journey, Zach has set out to open a new studio in Chester County like no other. 

My work is based on the concept of balance between control and chaos. I believe art should be a reflection of ones inner self. My tattoos and paintings are not just about beauty, but also raw emotion. Human emotion is so visceral, strong, delicate, beautiful, ugly, and so much more. I hope to be able to interpret all of those things for my clients and those who view my artwork.

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