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8x8 oil on cradled panel, gilded wood floater frame.

The dancefloor was a place to gather - “People at the time were looking for something that spiritually moved them. We were coming out of the Vietnam War, there was pain and hurt, but also the fight for civil rights. Rebellion was one part of it; another part was love.  There was heightened fashion and cross cultural influences of R&B and soul, as well as latin music.

Disco stemmed from a series of epiphanies and communities, rather than a single birthplace; some cite the 1969 Stonewall riots sparking the fight for LGBT equality as the starting-point for NYC disco clubs.

Disco even changed the way we moved; the dancefloor was no longer restricted to (straight) couples – it became about celebration and drama en masse. “It unites the whole audience when you have 100 people singing along on the dancefloor,” ..... “It becomes divine: a love epidemic.”

Raining Men

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