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Jump for Joy

(Duke Ellington)


Fare thee well land of cotton

Cotton lisle is out of style

Honey chile

Jump for Joy

DOn't you grieve little Eve

All the hounds I do believe

Have been killed

Ain't 'cha thrilled?

Jump for Joy

Have you seen pastures groovy?

Green pastures was just a technicolor movie

When you stomp up to heaven and you meet old Saint Pete

Tell that boy

"Jump for joy"

Step right in

Give Pete some skin and

Jump for Joy"


Recently I have been reading "The Warmth of Other Suns" by Isabel Wilkerson, and watching Dr. Henry Louis Gates' programs on the Reconstruction period of post civil war US. 


Duke Ellington wrote "Jump for Joy" in the early 1940s.- The music is joyous, the lyrics of this song express the historical movement of Blacks during the Great Migration,  from the south to larger cities in the north. The all black cast and characters and songs - a celebration of Black culture - performers depicted in a positive light, without the racial stereotypes  that were often in films and performances at the time. 

Duke Ellington described it later in his life as "the first 'social significance' show".

Jump for Joy

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