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Gathered together, feeling the music and excitement, looks like a frenzy. Puzzled adults see something new and strange - there is an understanding - of being young and letting emotion take over.

Please Please Me
Last night I said these words to my girl "
I know you never even try, girl"
Come on (come on)

Please, please me, whoa-yeah, like I please you

You don't need me to show the way, love

Why do I always have to it say, love?
Come on (come on)

 Please, please me, whoa-yeah, like I please you
I don't want to sound complaining
But you know there's always rain in my heart (in my heart)
I do all the pleasing with you it's so hard to reason
With you, whoa-yeah, why do you make me blue?


oil on cradled wood panel
wired, ready to hang

Please, Please Me

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