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Franklina alatahmata - the Franklinia Tree

The Franklinia alatahmata - this flower shows up in a tree full of fragrant flowers in the fall. It was “discovered” in the wild by William Bartram (son of John Bartram - ie. Bartram's Gardens in Philadelphia), who named it after his friend Benjamin Franklin. He collected seeds from a riverbank in Georgia. All the Franklin trees known to exist today are descended from seed collected by William Bartram in 1765, and propagated at Bartram's Garden in Philadelphia.

Even experienced gardeners are often puzzled by this flower. Its not a magnolia or camellia. It is evergreen. I am planning to plant a few in our yard this year.

24x24 inches

canvas is 1.5 deep

collectors can select from framing options.

Delivery and pickup can be arranged.

Shipping cost additional.


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