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Rose Schneiderman
11 x 14, oil on panel

gilded floater frame

shipping free in continental US


Rose Schneiderman -union and civil rights activist. a Polish-born American socialist and feminist, and one of the most prominent female labor union leaders. As a member of the New York Women's Trade Union League, she drew attention to unsafe workplace conditions,
Following the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911, and as a suffragist she helped to pass the New York state referendum of 1917 that gave women the right to vote.

Schneiderman was also a founding member of the American Civil Liberties Union and served on the National Recovery Administration's Labor Advisory Board under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. She is credited with coining the phrase "Bread and Roses," to indicate a worker's right to something higher than subsistence living.

During March, International Women's Month

 $100. of the cost of painting will be donated to
Local Chester County PA support for homeless women and families. Home of the Sparrow’s mission is to partner with women facing homelessness to secure housing, achieve long-term stability, and chart new paths for their futures.

Rose Schneiderman

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