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Chester County Studio Tour

The 5 Artists of Studio 11 - Painting, collage, mixed media, jewelry - created by 5 artists/friends who have collaborated to present our artwork during the Chester County Studio Tour. 




the Preview Reception on FRIDAY 5/13 has been cancelled due to predicted storms and poor weather. 

The studio tour will be dry and safe on the inside and we will be so happy to see you on
SATURDAY May 14 10am-6pm and SUNDAY May 15 11am-5pm.

for more information - email Maryanne Buschini

come see us on
Saturday May 14 and Sunday May 15

Maryanne Buschini 3.jpeg

Maryanne Buschini

Maryanne Buschini's figurative oil paintings reflect her interest in the authentic: those moments of real emotion, discomfort or awkardness, hardwork. Viewers often respond to these figures as they would when finding a forgotten scrapbook - with inner knowledge and connection.

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Juliet Rossi

J. expresses a positive attitude and a certain amount of whimsy in her paintings. Her choice of subject, materials (paint, vintage and handmade papers, color and composition) combine to produce well thought out ‘happy’ paintings that show her optimism in a world that sorely needs it. 

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Courtney Jacob

Using a mix of vintage tins and modern materials, Courtney creates unique, light-weight boho jewelry made from all sorts of items! She loves to create something new and beautiful from objects that would otherwise be discarded. The beautiful patterns and colors on the tins make the jewelry come to life in a new and exciting way, and her paintings are often done on reclaimed wood canvas.

Nancy Markezin 3.jpg

Nancy Markezin

Nancy Markezin, studied Applied Arts and Graphic Design at Penn State University, describes herself as a non-objective Abstract painter who paints “what my mind sees,”   Her work reflects a desire for color, design and repetition of patterns to convey to the viewer a certain level of organization, accomplished with line, color and space.
She has exhibited locally at the Community Arts Center, Widener University, Penn State Great Valley Campus   including 12 years with the 3rd Street Gallery, and other galleries in Philadelphia. For the past 20 years, Nancy monitors the Abstract Workshop at the Community Arts Center in Wallingford for anyone interested in taking art a step beyond the real.

Crescent Moon Rising.jpg

Bill Timmins

Bill's paintings are often derived from the internal thoughts, feelings and emotions evoked by beauty. Rather than convey this beauty in a conventional, representational form, he references music, dreams, memories, nature and artistic influences for inspiration, and attempts to convey beauty and joy in the abstract, via color, shape, texture, mark making and space. He leaves it to every individual to view and interpret the images through their own personal lens.

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